Facebook vs Twitter

It depends. I would say if you wanted to talk about yourself, Facebook. Twitter, though, is great for finding people interested in the same things you are, or advertising.

We have an accounts on both sites but for me, facebook generate more traffic and it’s popular compare to twitter.

Truly speaking, I am pleasant with FB then twitter, I even do not like twitter’s outlook and profile page. FB seams very clear and easy and satisfactory with notification and keeping friends hanging together. Though I have a twitter account but now days I am keeping myself away from it. Anyway I am getting fascinated to G+ gradually too.

Yeah, I having account with both two sites. actually there we can’t compare each other bcz they are different from each other. where as I like face book and getting more performance from twitter.

I am fascinated reading comments here. Nice to hear brilliant ideas form brilliant individuals. Anyways, here is my own opinion.

Facebook and Twitter are two big names in Social Media. The former deals more with connections to your friends, love ones and soon to be friends while the former deals more on sharing your ideas publicly to your followers and you read the posts of the people whom you are following. The two offers different platforms. Facebook is integrated with business platform to its numerous applications and features. On the other hand, Twitter works more on blogging.

Answer will vary based on your own preference and your purpose of using a social media. But if you are going to ask me what is better among the two? Then my answer is Facebook. Why? Because I earn in Facebook.

Facebook and twitter both are social site twitter is a completely professional there people twit on a subject and follow each other if the both are relevant subject. but Facebook is a user friendly site friends and family member connects with each other can chat with each and post also now a days both are using to promote the business.


i have account of both of them, i like facebook more for personal reason and for marketing my site i prefer twitter

i have acounts on both of them but I prefer facebook

I have accounts to both of them and I use them for different things: facebook for social contact and twitter for advertising. So from my point of view twitter is better for advertising.

Bother are useful, But i will give my vote to twitter. Because twitter indexed by Google after every 45 mints.:slight_smile:

I have used both facebook and twitter. In my marketing field i have found more convertibles in facbook than twitter. By using twitter in have found more backlinks than facbook… Both are useful in some way for me…

I gives preference to Facebook because this one is having lots of other applications where as Twitter is only a Micro blogging site .

yes, I have accounts on both social media.
I both like them, but if I have to choose I give my vote to Facebook for it offers more functions and has more applications compared to the other.

Yes I have account in both. I like Twitter more than Facebook. Twitter give me professional look like LinkedIn. Facebook is only for friends in-attraction.

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