FaceBook - Tapping into it without going into it?

There is a lot of attention on FaceBook everywhere you look and read especially people using there mobile devices to check FaceBook pages, maybe a majority do a lot of non-sense on it but maybe a few do general reading in regards to specific FaceBook pages related to a subject of interest.

My question is does FaceBook really get that much attention that we or maybe just I read about in articles or hear about in the news ? And could you get your Blog or Web page into FaceBook without Joining it ? Both of these questions tie into each other.

Facebook is similar to myspace (but better) You create a profile, add your current friends and friends from back in high school, then post (videos, comments, photos) to try an entertain them/yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: At least that’s what facebook is for me.

Facebook is very popular and has been getting lots of attention. Not sure what you mean by getting your blog or web page into it. You can’t do much of anything at facebook without joining it.

You can indeed Husky, and you can actually get your site recognised in multiple social networks, there’s a couple of tools out there which you add to your website (whichever you decide you like best) and when people find your site, they can hit the button and add it to their social network profile (so your site will appear in their links as a favourite), it requires little effort too! - Much better than setting up a profile to spam your own stuff. Check out the below for more details. :slight_smile:


Oh Super, this is great I can target FaceBook without joining :wink: Hopefully this method works for me :slight_smile:

Of course you can also choose to just advertise with facebook and pay them to display your ads on users pages - even if you don’t want to create a fan page or anything yourself. :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting this information, I had not known about the sites. I’ve just checked them out, thanks.

You can also modify your site to allow users to “authenticate” using Facebook. This gives you limited access to their profile and the ability to interact with their Facebook account. We’ve found it to be very useful to allow users to simply “Connect” to our site with their Facebook account, rather than forcing them through the Registration/Login process.

Of course you can also choose to just advertise with facebook and pay them to display your ads on users pages - even if you don’t want to create a fan page or anything yourself.

I prefer Alex method :slight_smile:

You can also modify your site to allow users to “authenticate” using Facebook

How do you do that ?

To modify your site to allow authentication using Facebook you need to use their API… by which you need an account, not what you asked for. :slight_smile:

What you had suggested Alex will do :slight_smile: I don’t want FaceBook to infringe into my sites/server not with the amount of problems that I hear about, if the millions of it’s users continue to use it I can’t stop them :slight_smile:

Depending upon the niche or market you are in, it has to be said that you ignore perhaps Facebook at your peril. I agree with you however that the thought of actually having an involvement with Facebook annoys the heck out of me personally but then perhaps that is just me?

No it’s not just you :slight_smile:

I really find Facebook so intrusive, but a necessary evil today.

Hi Alex:

You are forgetting that creating great content that people will link to or bookmark is much more difficult than actually just spending time on facebook and getting your networks up.

Plus you would be hardpressed to have these links bookmarked by your targets.

Facebook is easy to use, and a fair time on it could bring you good returns on investment, both cash and time. I’d certainly recommend joining up and getting on!

I’m not forgetting it actually, the reason why I don’t mention self-propelled social marketing is that in almost every case (including Facebook), promoting your own stuff IS considered spam and will get you banned from the network, as denoted clearly in their terms of service agreement. It may be easy to peddle your own goods but doing so on a social network is rightful cause for you to have all your accounts shut down. Personally, I don’t think recommending spam as an option is a good idea. :slight_smile:

Alex is very specific person :slight_smile: That is not a put down Alex :slight_smile:

I just don’t like FaceBook to Join it, I find it mostly for voyeurism. I don’t know how people can’t live 5 minutes without reading there FaceBook wall, I can understand eagerly awaiting a answer to a problem but that is mostly found on forums like SitePoint not on Facebook, Facebook users mostly want to know how to dress like Snooki (Jersey Shore) I don’t like the show nor do I get it, but the name Snookie I love saying :slight_smile: :slight_smile: