Facebook support forum

I’ve been looking for a good Facebook support forum, to no avail. Surely there must be one.

I’ve had a series of problems setting up a Facebook page, and I’m sure others must be having the same difficulties, but I can’t find any way of finding them.

As an example, I’ve created a page here

I have three photo albums for each of my last newsletters. When I created the first two, somehow I easily shared this back to the page, so there was a great link to the album and it showed three pictures. When I created the last album, I couldn’t find any way of doing this. So I tried posting to the wall on the page and couldn’t make this work either.

Another issue is with RSS feeds from my blog. Why the time lag for them to feed through. It used to be a day, no idea why, now it’s several days. Where is this controlled?

And so it goes on.

Whenever I look for support, it’s always at Mickey Mouse level. Millions use Facebook, so where do the experts congregate?

Have you looked at the official Facebook Pages page?

Seems to be a ton of activity on it. You might ask your question in the discussions area.

Thanks for the reply j3ph

I had looked at this, but was greatly put off because you can’t search the discussions and whenever I’ve looked the first page of questions were all really elementary, easily answered by Facebook’s own help pages. Not surprising really as searching for answers for even easy questions is difficult.

I’ve put three questions up to see if I get anywhere. I’ve searched and searched on the key words relating to these three and can’t find anything remotely relevant, and really don’t think I’m the only one struggling, in fact I know I’m not, every small business owner I know is trying to wade their way through Facebook.

I still don’t understand why there doesn’t appear to be a huge properly run forum somewhere that is the oracle for Facebook, ideally run by Facebook.

There are 5 facebook forums listed here:

Thanks for your help cbp

http://www.facebookforum.co.uk/ might just be able to help, I’ll post some questions tomorrow. It’s not particularly big, but a cursory look tells me that it seems like there is at least one person helping out who knows a bit.

http://forum.developers.facebook.com/ is totally for API developers, my kind of questions aren’t covered and aren’t allowed.

The other three don’t appear to exist.

I’m still staggered at the lack of a serious major user forum for Facebook.