Facebook servers?

Hi everyone!!

I am curious to know how many servers are there for Facebook all over the world…Its such a big network with thousands of data uploaded there…So what you think how they manage it? Moreover, where the base of Facebook server lies??

Thanks in advance

They have servers spread in many datacenters, even different ones in the same city.
They have a large number of racks with us. It’s always cool thinking that when you load up facebook, something might be loading from our datacenters :slight_smile:


This link should give you an idea, although it is a little outdated now:


Well we friends have been discussing about this last night but we did not come up with any good answer, so i thought posting it here , I am a knowledge freak and just for the sake of knowledge i have asked that :slight_smile: "

I don;t know much about their infrastructure model, but it was supposed to be a Cloud at the time when the “Cloud” term still wasn’t precisely defined yet!

Facebook had around 30K+ servers in 2009. That number has climbed very high now. As far as their actual hosting environment, they deliver images via a CDN (Content Delivery Network) via a combo of LimeLight Networks and Akamai.

I believe you always can get in touch with their administration and ask about that. I believe that is not TOP secret of them.
In any way I still do not understand how that information can be useful for you at all.