Facebook Questions

Hi Chaps,
Not a CSS question for once lol.
I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good forum where I can ask specific questions about using facebook. Facebooks own help center seems pretty poor, and I can’t for the life of me find a decent independent user forum.

I would say, there is no specific forum that is strictly dedicated to Facebook questions. However there are like two other forums that i know apart from Sitepoint where you’d get instant replies on almost about anything you post. There is Bloggeries and Digital point. For your case, Digital point will meet your specifications( facebook) since it has a dedicated section for social media where topics on facebook, google +, twitter etc. can be discussed. Again its very general.
Hope i have answered you well.

Hi friends

Anyone tell me how to get credit points in facebook fan pages.
How to earn from facrbook.

@SteveJackson: I’m not trying to sound grumpy, but sitepoint is really not a place to ask questions about facebook : /

Yes and no. We don’t want the forums to become a substitute for Facebook’s help pages, for people who are too lazy to read the help pages to find out for themselves who to do simple things. On the other hand, Facebook is an important part of the internet and there are plenty of questions that are relevant, particularly around strategies for business use - that’s why we have a whole section devoted to Social Media.

Out of curiosity, what specific would you like to ask regarding Facebook by the way?

The UI seems pretty straightforward. Unless of course you have questions that are more of on the development side that only the Facebook engineers could answer.