Facebook Profile


Is facebook profile can be indexed by search engines? Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance!


Facebook profiles cannot be indexed by google but the public facebook fanpages can be indexed.

Google can see anything that you can see when you are not logged into Facebook, and it can and will index it.

I am not sure to profile but when u search u r facebook account on google it will so your pages if you have

If you search your name, your facebook profile shows up, that’s if you have an active profile, so Google knows it’s there.

Not wanting to sound rude, but given that I’d already given a definite answer an hour earlier, was there any point in posting a message that added nothing except confusion and uncertainty?

[ot]I don’t want to put people off contributing to the forums, but please read the thread from start to finish, and if the question has already been answered and you haven’t got anything extra to add, there’s no need to say anything. The SEO forums in particular attract a lot of posts of little or no value, where people either just repeat what others have already said or write vague and unhelpful messages that don’t move the discussion on. All these messages do is make it more difficult for readers to find the really good information, and we really don’t need them.

This isn’t just aimed at you, preeti, but is a more general comment that applies right across the SEO forum and several others as well.

Sorry, moan over.[/ot]