Facebook - Photos and Videos

How important is it for a Facebook page to share content in the form of pictures or video?

What advantage do images hold over text?

i think it makes profile more interesting.

I don’t know about video as YouTube has this market covered but in terms of photo is it is totally necessary.
Photos can spark interest and help with ad campaigns.

Yep, I totally agree, photos a definitely necessary. They make the post visually interesting and not some boring piece of text. Most users a lazy and want to have simple impulses, to put it in this words. The new hash tags would be another option.

As compared to text, grabbing attention of Facebook users is much easier with an image or a video with an interesting “click-to-play frame”.

Although I personally prefer long form content (that’s why I am more active on Google+), the stats from the Facebook Pages that I am helping to manage suggest that image and video content perform better in getting user interaction as well as engagement.

It engages users. so its great for them.

I also think that pictures on facebook are perfect to get the peoples interest.
But be sure that the images you’ve uploaded are not too private!

If you have liked the page of any celebrity, you would have seen their pics of their tours or coming movies or some other event. Sharing pics on your social media account keep others interested and provide the info about you. For companies, pics should be shared on profiles whenever there is any event or celebration in the company. Share pics of launching new products or introducing new services, etc. This helps in improving visibility and brand awareness.

It makes facebook page or profile more interesting. Users automatically subscribe videos and like photos if they are Genuinely attractive.

Interesting photos will draw more attention than other things.

Images tend to convert better traffic than text. Many people have tested this, and have had better success with images + text.

Photos works very well in promoting your business on Facebook, why? It’s simply because photos catches attention than posting links. It also takes a space on a user’s news feed especially on mobile.

Facebook is a social Media Platform where you can share the relevant post regarding your company, products & services.
Sharing information in the form of Images &Videos add value to your post. Many a times users are quite interested in getting the information in the form of Info-graphics that reflects either company long term strategy or products life cycle or service delivery model regarding your company.
Sharing video elaborate the conceptual ideas in relation to your posting.
Points to be kept in mind while sharing Image & Video is that uses of Hash tags with proper keywords in the form of tags.

images and videos are useful to attract visitors for your post rather than text. these gives values to promote your business, if you update it regularly

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