Facebook Photo Album display

I am wanting to create a small website that will ahve a page featuring all my photographs separated by album. the majority of all my photos are all organised into albums in my facebook account.

Is there a way I can sort of display all my albums and photos in a small minimalist gallery display on my website?

I will want to be able to specify certain albums only so I have full control over it.

I would prefer to be able to do this in PHP if possible.



Sure, see the Facebook (ever changing, read: breaking) API Docs.

Hmmm, Thanks for that.

I don’t quite understand how I am meant to use that.

Is it possible for you to post a small example in PHP?

Unfortunately not, it actually requires a fair of PHP to do the task. You first need to authenticate the users with oAuth, obtaining valid tokens and such, then make subsequent requests the API with these tokens as part of the request.

Start small.

Work on authenticating with the API first, then move on the obtaining useful data.

If you get stuck, holla back.


I don;t want only certain people to be able to see the photos, I want them to be public

The oAuth requirement is to authenticate access for your code to speak to the API, not your users. :slight_smile:

I’m reading through the facebook for developers stuff. Am I required to create an application at this link:

I see all the info about authorising users but I don;t want to authorise any user except myself and my site should have access to my facebook account all the time so visitors can view the photos.

I’m a little confused?