Facebook - People falsely listing that they are employed by my company

falsely listing (why can’t you edit thread titles?)


How do I stop this? I’ve already used the ‘Report’ option on their profile but it’s been over a week and nothing.

One of them is even saying he is the ‘Administrator’ of the site (aka “ME”) Unreal.


I would be concerned about the reason behind it. Honestly, only the person claiming or facebook can remove the claim. There are other things that can be done to protect yourself such as updating the website “About Us” indicating that while there have been claims about who administers the site, and noting that the administrator is Swamper and you can contact him through Swamper@yourwebsite.com

Someone could be trying to claim ownership and try to sell the site to some unsuspecting individual.

Wow, they did not do anything:

“Recently you reported a profile on Facebook. We did not take action on the profile you reported because it did not violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If, after reviewing the Facebook Community Standards (https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards), you think we’ve made a mistake, you can request that we review the profile again here: <snip> Please note: If the profile does not violate our policies, your ability to report may be limited in the future. Thanks, The Facebook Team Give us feedback to let us know how we are doing: <snip>”

So, I’ve filed an appeal, because they don’t even read their own ‘Community Standards’:

Identity and Privacy

On Facebook people connect and share using their real identities. This culture creates accountability and builds trust and safety for everyone. Claiming to be another person, creating multiple accounts, or falsely representing an organization undermines community and violates Facebook’s. "


Their might be thousand claiming as CEO of Facebook on their profiles but no one would actually believe them. But this may not be the same in your case. If you own a company and a person adds in his profiles that he owns the company then he can shake the repo of your company. He can say anything to anyone on company’s name and that would be a threat to the company. loanuniverse is right.

This has to be taken seriously by Facebook, you should try and explain them in a bit detail but very simple language since the everyone out there might not be so much concerned about your business. You can also start a petition if you are not heard there and pass on the link to that petition to Facebook. They will help you out much faster then.