Facebook page or profile?

which helps to get more traffic page or profile?

For a business there is no option - You must use a page.

One reason why Facebook pages are better is because the content is open to be crawled by bots. A profile page, is not.

agreed you can’t use profile for business.
unless and until you add lots of friend on your profile and post links in your status.
but you have to be careful in both cases.
if you posted lots of links in your wall then most of people will block the results from your profile and page

If you own a business, you should create a page for the business and perhaps use the personal account to connect with people who are into your niche.

A fan page would definitely help get more traffic than a profile.

obviously a traffic page where you get many likes and traffic not profile page

Page is better:
-To show your product as a Quality brand and to get professional look.
-To get more visitors.If you post in your profile only your friends(who don’t need about your product) can see that post.But if you post in your page you can reach more people who likes your page.

A page is much better since it actually represents a site/product. Only a few people can get in or visit you if you use a profile because other people would think it’s private and is not supposed to be added. :slight_smile:

Since the only allowable presence for a business is a company page and every answer has supported the same practice, I think it’s time we close this one down. :smiley: