Facebook or Instagram?

Hello Freinds,
Which one is the best choice for social media marketing? I’m planning to start social media marketing for my business. So which one is better please suggest.

It may depend on many factors relating to your business which we are not party to, such as the nature of the business, what you are marketing, who you are targetting, etc…

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Given that your profile says:

working in Digital Marketing Industry since 2001

perhaps you should be able to answer your own question?


My company has done social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram to promote language learning website. We are getting more visitors from Facebook than Instagram. Think we receive 5-10 clicks on the Instagram profile per week and 30-60 clicks on the Facebook page per week. It depends on your business. If you have a website, Facebook is the best choice. You post almost anything on Facebook and get views. It is more difficult on Instagram to get people to use your website. Remember to post regularly on the channel.

It depends what your business is and what age group you’re trying to target. Either way, I’d recommend utilizing both. They have unique benefits that pertain to each specific platform.

Go for Facebook, which is one of the social media website in this planet. As compared to Instagram, FaceBook provide the better platforms to advertise your business like pages, groups, ads, posts, shares etc.

Are there many social media sites from other planets then, @aanchalkaura?


That answer is not very helpful on its own.
Would you like to explain in more detail why you have that opinion?

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in my opinion, depending on the target market for mobile or desktop users. if for desktop users better facebook because facebook view on mobile is not as complete in mobile and so is for instagram

In my opinion you should start with Facebook marketing and slowly move on to Instagram. You can make use of the followers in facebook to follow you in instagram too. So, you can get some initial followers in instagram quickly.