Facebook opens public search. What does this mean for you?

This morning at f8, Facebook announced that it is opening up for public search. This is going to provide amazing opportunities for conducting business online. What are your initial impressions?

Privacy control was one of the good things about facebook that other social networks were lacking. I’m seeing this as a big step backwards.

Related link: http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2010/04/facebook-further-reduces-control-over-personal-information

As with almost any change in things like this, it will have good effects and bad. Pretty soon, the word “privacy” will no longer exist except as part of the phrase “violations of privacy.” But for those using Facebook purely for business (and spamming), it might be a real boon to biz. Pros and cons.

Yup, this is a first step in FB’s move to compete openly and make more money.


I am looking for Facebook to release more documentation on this because I know there are people with privacy concerns. At the same time, advertisers are drooling because of the data that Facebook has is highly relevant and imagine the effectiveness of leveraging a prospects network in your campaign!

Yes, I have to agree. Facebook has done good in the privacy issue. That is why I prefer it to Google Buzz. But this announcement is obviously annoying to me.