Facebook no like employers asking for passwords

Apparently, teh Spacebook will maybe persue legal action against employers who ask their employees (or job candidates) for their usernames/passwords. Facebook’s own policies make this a violation (you may not share your password), but now they say they’re hearing so much about this practice that they’re ready to take legal action if necessary.

My question is: is this actually true (is this really that widespread?), or is Facebook trying to make people forget its own privacy violations and look good? I’ve heard of (prospective) employers asking to see a github account (and then, not the passwords), but not yet facebook.

If it is true that this is going on and is widespread, you have to wonder what kind of ego trip these employers are on.

What sort of desperate and ignorant muppet would give out his Facebook login details to a prospective employer?!

It’s probably a trick to see if they are completely “stupid” and all willing to give away their credit card details too. :wink:

I’ve often thought that banks should send out phishing emails to all their customers, and then suspend the online banking facilities for anyone who falls for it.

You’re right, sharing your FB password could be a violation of the TOS. All FB has to do is specifically make password sharing a violation of the TOS and the deal is done and over with.

The whole thing would then fall on they FB user (The job appicant) who would then have a claim against a potential or actual employer who insisted that the prospect or employee violate the TOS of FB.

The whole thing goes against privacy and public policy and I would sue the pants off any employer who demanded such a thing from me!

At which point they promptly lose that customer. :smiley:


So they move to another bank… which does the same thing. Muhaha. Better to get phished by your bank than by a phisher.

However that stupid 3D Secure stuff makes me think, oh yeah, banks and credit card companies aren’t smart enough to do this right: the customer should, if educated, rightly assume they are being phished and not take part. https://plus.google.com/u/0/104284466618076664967/posts/i91xdkiRFeo

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Well, Good thing my employer doesn’t require this kind of unprofessional way of tracking or making security in their employee’s. This will really fall out of employee’s legal rights. This actually disobey the employee’s right to privacy(under the constitution). It can also be associated into General Harassment or Sexual Harassment, most specially if it happens to opposite sex(under the revised labor code.).

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thats quite odd, I didn’t realize anyone actually new about “spacebook”…crazy

Spacebook, FaceSpace… are my names for any of those types of companies actually.

I just need to figure a way to work the word “Hyves” in there. It’s basically Dutch MyFace.


What’s your problem with it? Does it bring you out in a rash? :stuck_out_tongue: [/ot]


example page (former employer): http://jeanssellingnl.hyves.nl/

then go wash your eyes in bleach

Oh @Stomme_poes, you have no idea how much better you’ve made me feel. :slight_smile: Until two minutes ago, I thought one of my clients had me working on the most utterly tasteless and tacky pages ever to have disgraced the internet. Now I realise her site is really quite pleasant. :lol:

Ah, now you’ve gone and done it! Bleach won’t work and that image is now seared into my brain because that which has been seen cannot be un-sseen!

That webstie is truly, verifiably and perfectly awful!

To be honest though it’s no worse than any other myspace clone.

A news story from Cnet: Teacher’s aide refuses to share Facebook access, is suspended

However this isn’t employer randomly wanting Facebook password, but because someone filed a complaint against something she posted.

This is similar to teachers when they tweet. The line between private and professional is often very blurred there. Your Facebook account is considered private, but people you meet professionally (like co-workers and, if you’re a teacher, your students) often become “friends” on Facebook, or twitter followers, or G+ followers (where professionals seem to like making rants about their employers) etc.