Facebook marketing advice needed

Please anyone help me.I am beginner in Social media marketing.
Please give me some tricks and tips how i can began my fb marketing.

Your question is a bit vague, @jahidhossain00. It sounds as if you’re asking for somebody to teach you all about the subject, which of course isn’t the purpose of a forum.

Did you start with Facebook’s own advice?

There’s plenty of advice in there. If you’ve already followed that, then please explain in more detail what additional information you’re looking for.

You should also take a look around the Marketing and Social Media categories, as we have had several threads discussing this issue. For example: Facebook Marketing Strategies

I can give you a valuable suggestion for social media marketing. You should start to build a reputation. join influential bloggers. It’s a good strategy. When people see you following professionals in your industry they automatically begin to follow you.

here is a list of professional Bloggers in the internet marketing niche that you can follow:

some of the names are as follow:

Neil Patel
Rand Fishkin
Darren Rowse
Brian Dean

you will get a chance to follow them on social media as I compiled a huge list containing internet marketing influencers.

Go through this link and take advantage of it. Good luck…

Sorry, but your post you linked to looks more like a fancied up blogroll than anything informative.

Care to provide more details here as to what makes them “professional” and in what area their expertise is in?

It’s my request you to take few more seconds to read the post.

@nikhilsaini75 - I’ve removed the link, because there is nothing to suggest that @jahidhossain00 is in the Internet marketing niche. He’s asking for advice on Facebook marketing, but has not mentioned what his service or product is.

Without more information from him, we can only guess, and I don’t want this thread to run the risk of turning in to a series of off-topic links.

I appreciate your willingness to help, and your post makes an interesting suggestion. Have you tried this technique for yourself and found it beneficial?

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Yes I tried this and it helped me in my social media marketing efforts. Now on facebook people try to connect with me and ask several questions and I help them. It makes them my loyal follower.

Most of the probloggers have also commented over there that It works in social media strategy.

By the way, sorry for link. I thought it would help. I was thinking that it is better to have something than nothing.


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