Facebook is killing my web site!

I have “Page” @ Facebook and every time i put something @ page (link to my website) my web site is down! Cpu load 100%…

What’s the best solution except dedicated server to do? Currently i have VPS.

There’s lots of things that we can look at regarding these types of issues:

  1. If your website coded with the utmost efficiency?
  2. What are the resources of your shared plan?
  3. If you’re receiving this much traffic, is there budget to upgrade the server?

It you’re maxing out your CPU but not your bandwidth, it’s most likely that you need to clean up your code. If you didn’t code the website but used a template or CMS then that could be the problem as well.

Even if it’s not in the code, your database may be poorly constructed. Are you using indexes in the proper places and joining your queries correctly?

In order to properly diagnose this issue I need to know:

  1. the server RAM & CPU specifications?

  2. your guaranteed RAM & CPU allocations?

  3. your peak (burstable) RAM & CPU allocations?

I suspect these allocations are too low. Your response should confirm/deny the same.

What is your current usages?
Can you share with us your MRTG files?

Maybe it is right time to move your web hosting account to the VPS?

OP is already on a VPS.

The resources on the VPS could still either be upgraded or the efficiency of the website could be increased to reduce overhead.

It’s really hard to make a suggestion without seeing what is actually causing the CPU usage. It could be MySQL, PHP, Apache, etc…

When the CPU is high can you run this and post it up:

top -bc -n 5 | head -n 30