Facebook hacked. No way to reset

On behalf of my brother.

His FB account was hacked 3-4 months ago. The hacker changed the account phone number and mail address. So, when me brother tries to regain access using the ways that FB offers, he’s asked to provide the phone number or mail address of the account. Well, that’s the problem. The hacker have changed them. It’s a Moment 22 (which is good reading, btw).

Does anyone know any way to get in touch with someone at FB (Meta) that actually can activate his account manually? Or some other way make him access?

Have a look at https://m.facebook.com/help/203305893040179

Sorry, but no. It’s the same there. To recover the account, they ask for the account’s email or phone number. Which the hacker have changed.

My bro need to get in touch with a living person in FB/Meta support. By phone or mail or text messages. These ready made web forms are useless.

Facebook dont do phone support.

(You can find “Facebook/Meta Support” numbers in google, but if you call one, you’ll just get a voice message telling you to use the website.)

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