Facebook "Find Friends" Feature on My Site?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if it’s possible to (or if anyone has experience with) add something like Facebook’s “Find Friends” tool on my site. (http://www.facebook.com/?sk=ff)
All I’d want it to do would be for a user to be able to enter their login information and see a list of contacts through the social network/email service, select a few, and be able to send a message containing a link to sign up to my site.

Thanks in advance!

Facebook has a defined process for sending out app invites to a group of friends via the apprequests method. When called up people are shown a list of their friends and can search through them selecting one or more names and then generate an invite.

You can get the code at http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/dialogs/requests/

The alternative of course is to allow them to post a message to their wall [they can customize the message and who sees it but it is a broadcast share rather than an app invite].

Note: This all works via the Facebook JavaScript SDK and while you can throw in other php based code around it, I’ve moved this to the javascript forum.

Hey Ted, I took a look at the requests dialog that Facebook provides - doesn’t this only allow users to invite friends on Facebook, rather than other networks such as Skype, email, etc.? Nevertheless, it’ll probably be very useful for my site :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

Anyone know anything about this? I’ve done quite a bit of research but I can’t find anything. :confused: