Facebook drop down menu different on this account

Hi! I have here a problem, I want to isolate people on my chat list on facebook and this can work if you make a list with those and turn off chat of that list. Here is though this problem I cant understand why this happening… in order to do so you have to go to chat/options/turn off chat and there must be 3 options… but on my accont there are only 2 and this also from other desktops…
any clue?

I don’t use FB, but my first thought would be that that might be a difference between personal pages (with friends) and business pages (with contacts).

no cant be,… its a simple account, personal…and that from my nephew also… and he has it right… and Igot also a 3rd account using with a different nickname and there is also the option of having to choose among 3… no its not that… but thanks !

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seems here people have some ideas…

TY I will give it a try…

I fixed it ! Can someone who understands more from coding, what the problem was and what causes it? Thanks!

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Well, that video shows how browser developer tools can be used to modify page content.
The important question is - Why was Facebook hiding that input?
It may be that it is simply a bug with Facebook and that using that input will work OK
My concern is that it may not be a bug, and that Facebook hid that input for a reason. True, if that was the case it would be better to not send that input out to begin with, but it would not be the first time that a page used display: none to keep non-tech-savvy users from seeing something. i.e. a “good enough” quick fix
On the other hand, depending on how the form input is processed, using that input might break the logic and cause problems.
There is also the chance that if Facebook had the input hidden for a reason they may at some point decide that “good enough” was not good enough and invest the time and effort into a not-so-quick fix.

IMHO it would be better to not rely on “how to bypass hack” videos but to bring up problems with Facebook support.


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