Facebook disabled my account and keeps charging me for ad bills to which I'm denied access to

I’ve been buying ads for my site on Facebook for a few years. On Feb. 9th, my Facebook account was suddenly disabled for no reason and I was denied access to all my Facebook assets, business accounts, ad accounts, running ads, etc. I couldn’t update or remove my credit card nor could I stop the running ads.

There were a few active ads when I was shut out and some of them might be perpetually on-going. I thought the ads would be automatically stopped as the owner account was disabled but I was WRONG. The ad bills kept coming out and my credit card was charged 3 times for the past 27 days, amounting to 618.19 USD.

I tried to appeal by uploading my credentials, Government ID and passport to Facebook following their guide. And I tried to contact them via several emails but so far no response or resolution.

They could at least give me a reason why I was disabled but no information whatsoever yet they kept charging my credit card for ad bills I had no control over. I couldn’t remove my credit card from the site neither as I was completely shut out.

This is the worst internet nightmare coming true.

Now what should I do? How should I go about requesting them to STOP all running ads, remove my credit card, and refund my money for bills in the past 27 days? I was worried they would keep charging me like this into the future.

Any help would be very very much appreciated!!

First thing I would do is contact my bank/credit card company and instruct them to stop the transactions and then put in a claim for the return of the money. You will need to provide evidence which you have on your side but if there is nothing from Facebook it could be a problem; but you could provide some screen shots showing your account is disabled.

Your options depends on where you are located. All depending, you could have stronger rights, or no rights.

If you do not have the ability to do a chargeback on the transactions, or the bank refuses to stop the transactions, you should just report the card as stolen, and request a new with a new card number.

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I also faced a similar problem 3 months ago. Finally I craeded a new facebook account.

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