Facebook - Client page, book page or both?

I have a client that is asking me to setup a book page for a new book she has coming out. She also wants me to setup a fan page for her. She says she has TONS of stuff she could put on both.

Is it better to setup just a page for her with tons of stuff about the book or should I do it the way she wants and make two pages?

What’s best and why?


Aggregate. You want more fans in fewer places unless the topics are so far apart that it doesn’t make sense (and if it’s an author to book, that’s not the case). You can make a tab on the specific product.

Thank you Ted!

Now that Facebook lets you put regular xHTML inside a page, you can probably leverage large parts of a website’s functionality and design within Facebook. There is certainly an arguement in favour of having multiple points of presence, the smart approach is to integrate whatever you do so it can be managed from one place.