Facebook business page link makes visitors login

on this site, if you click on the facebook icon in the top left, it takes you to a facebook login page. visitors have to login before they can see the business page. i can’t figure out what setting i need to change to make it fully public so that visitors can see the business page without having to first login. any ideas?

I don’t know, but believe that the page you mentioned has something in its profile that won’t allow those not logged into Facebook to view it. I’m not sure, but I think that’s the way most of Facebook works.

I think they keep this setting just for security purpose or maybe to increase visitors. But i think most of the people have Facebook account but some of they even don’t know about their business page. And see they keep this condition because it’s their business page so they don’t want to take risk for that.

It is like that with all of facebook business or non- business pages. One has to login to view a facebook page fully