Facebook and WhatsApp deal: Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19bn!

Facebook buys the popular Smartphone application WhatsApp which provides messaging service for $19 billion. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum started the deal nine days ago and it finally resulted into a pact that will be out soon to operate. Jan Koum is also added to the team of Board of Directors in Facebook. :shifty:

Now there is also a news about Google interfering in the matter with a view that Facebook and WhatsApp should be independent of each other and I also feel that WhatsApp is for those who like privacy but Facebook is opposite to that. I don’t know if we will be seeing Facebook in WhatsApp or WhatsApp in Facebook…

i think This is a one of the best plan of the Facebook CEO to increase the popularity of the Facebook. Because right time Facebook on the way of losing their popularity day by day!

Jan Koum had rejected the google offer for buying whatsapp before Facebook offer and it accepted.

I think the popularity of Facebook will be more now .

You are right baishakhi saha but i think its too little to compare than WhatsApp,

Great way to further increase FB popularity.

Its a future plan… lolsssssss

Now that Facebook’s Likes are starting to unravel I suspect this move might be what will save them.

Not sure what to think about this. Neither WhatsApp or Facebook are famous for their security and privacy settings.

:rofl: One beast thing in Facebook is that, WhatsApp has less Security to compare then Facebook!!! I think so, But not sure, What’s your opinion???:nono:

It Is Very Best For Face book because There are millions user daily use face book and now they can use whats apps along it.

Facebook had done an very good deal and made communication more easy too.

yea Good deal…

I think it’s a very good deal, because now everybody know using what’s up application more than Facebook and it is very easy to use rather than Facebook and also what’s up have many number of people data information which is the main factor so now Facebook has captured all traffic so that’s a good deal. <snip>

its a 2nd highest tech deal …

Can you inform me that which one is the first height tech deal???
Thanks in advance!!!:slight_smile:

Yes … I think this acquisition is stated to help speed up growth and user engagement across both companies…

You are absolutely right JulianeEberhardt!!!