Facebook and google adsense

is it true that i can not promote my google adsense with facebook? some just told me that.
i use to promote my google adsense with my profile on facebook please i want someone to tell me if it is wrong?

Ofcourse! You can only post adsense at your blog and sites but not in facebook.

Ofcourse! Cause it is against the policies and rules of Facebook. :rofl:

I have never seen somebody else do that,you can try to do that

I would recommend you to read discussion going here: http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense/thread?tid=2a7b5598df47cce6&hl=en

If you already promote your Google Adsense on your facebook profile why would you ask the above question or did you mean to promote your Google adsense on the entire facebook network basing on facebook ads policy? Please clarify.

Probably not, but you should read FaceBook’s terms of service to be sure.

If you can’t promote AdSense on FB, you can surely place a link to your site/blog on your FB Info page.

Or post an article on FB with links back to your site. I think they call it Social Networking.