Facebook Advertising-How am I doing


Recently I tried FB advertising for my Local Free Classifieds site.
Total Budget: 10$
Running days: 10

I chose Clicks to Website option. Because I wanted to let people know about my site. I targeted people who have shown interest in free classifieds, automobiles, real estate etc.

First I set 5$ budget for 5 days. From that I managed to get:
314 website clicks, 13856 reach, 17 page likes

After that ended I added another 5$ for 5 days. Before delivering this I removed the worse CTR banners and added new banners for them.
I got:
299 website clicks, 10217 reach; 16 page likes.

Max CTR I got was 3-4%

So in total for 10$, I got 613 clicks, 24073 reach, 33 page likes.

My question is, is this better? Did you get more than this for your website? (I know there are so many variables to consider.)
But how do I know Im doing it right? How do I know if it was worth it?


Can try with Page Likes instead of clicks check whether that helps.

Can you explain what you mean, please, @vembutech?

@Harshadewa has asked some quite specific questions, and given details of his results, including page likes. I’m not sure how your comment is intended to answer those questions.

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