Face to face with your clients

4 years ago I often met clients face to face. Driving around for hours with a briefcase full of paperwork, visiting all sorts of cool businesses, and I almost always got hooked up on all sorts of foods, drinks, services. I still get hooked up with cool stuff, like watches, cigars, and things via mail but I find it takes a little longer and more effort to build that personal relationship.

I think it also builds confidence going into a meeting, and everyone around you makes like 10million more than you do, and you have to do a fancy presentation answering questions on the spot. As a phone conference or exchanging emails is a lot easier and more lax I’d say.

These days I rarely meet clients face to face and it’s been on a heavy decline for my sales associates as well. I guess primarily due to expansion, dealing with people far away, and utilizing technology.

I certainly enjoy the efficiency but sometimes miss meeting clients in person either sitting down in our office or their office or having a few drinks at the bar. I think you pick up a lot more because the different types of communication are right in front of you. While e-mail, chat, phone, and the occasional video conference are all great but I think it lacks building that personal relationship to a degree.

I don’t like meeting all my clients in person, but I rather meet some than barely any. Anyone else enjoy meeting clients and employees in person, or do you like the fact that you don’t really have to go and meet with them? Would you prefer to never meet your clients face to face?

Use technology to filter who you should go the extra mile with and build face 2 face relationship with, and who you should not. Tech is great at quickly get in touch with many people. Use it to figure out who has the best potential and then invest time in them.

Tech doesn’t have to take away the old school ways, it can make it more efficient, and save you from going down too many dead ends.

I’m not in sales where I work but for those who are, it’s phone first and whenever possible they meet face to face. When there’s more to talk about than just the primary service you’re providing I think face to face is important. We deal with big companies and they want to know that the engineering, support and infrastructure is reliable. They also want the best deal they can get and that’s just not possible swapping emails or faxes.

In my business I want to meet with the clients that could mean more than the entry level product/service. For everyone else I don’t really want to see them until they move up the ladder, or down the funnel as the case may be. GL

I prefer not to meet clients face to face but I do enjoy talking to them via Instant Messenger, Skype or E-mail, you do get the sense of knowing your clients by discussing projects with them casually via the web and it allows you to do so without having to spend hours travelling about just to reach them (making it better for productivity). I guess it’s down to what kind of person you are, but talking via the web does have it’s benefits. :slight_smile:

Hey Pin,

I really don’t think anything could replace the value that meeting people face-to-face provides.

Sure you can create great repore through email, video, etc., but I think building trust is mainly a result of face to face. Trust is the most important factor in your customers recommending you to their friends or networks.

Just look at social media. The whole idea there is to build personal relationships. And now you are seeing people WANTING to meet their twitter buddies just to seal the deal.

You better take the time to meet with your best clients face to face or you risk somebody else meeting with them face to face :slight_smile:

Drew, actually I think trust can be established online. You can’t trust everyone you meet face to face, the most valuable method of ensuring trust between you and your clients is to ensure any work you do for them is completed to the highest quality level of your ability. :slight_smile: