Fabrik/Joomla extension forcing download

I have been following the tutorials to learn Fabrik, which is an extension in Joomla, a php framework. So I’ve really been liking it and had little trouble with any of the tutorials. I’m doing one where a band can create a profile and upload their songs. It seems to go great. MP3’s and MP4’s go straight to my server. But when I go back to look at their profile, it’s trying to save the same MP4 back to me. It automatically opens a “save as” window. I clicked back the first few times to double check my settings, I finally excepted it and saved a copy… it still doesn’t show the song to be played and just want me to save another version of the song. Here is the tutorial I’ve been following for reference http://fabrikar.com/help/tutorials/details/3/5

I was trying to add an MP4, It’s my fault for getting ahead of the instructions, video goes a different route.