Eyes tire quickly

well it pays to find out from an expert :tup:

shame about the expensive part, but atleast its worth it! :slight_smile: goodluck

Turn down the brightness on the monitor? Instead of 100%, dial it down to 80%.

Nothing to do with monitor it’s to do with my vision :stuck_out_tongue:

If your using a CRT, if it’s slowly hitting old age, you can notice that it gets a little (not much) harder to read, as I experience this with a CRT. If your eyes are not bad frequently 10 minute breaks, helps or just work consistency for hours, then quit the computer for the rest of the day.

Watch a little TV, not much because one can only listen to the news repeat stories, or watching reality shows so much that you’re head explodes.

Get a good night rest too. Playing Video games only causes you to sleep less, which weakens your immune system which causes you to get sick, no need for H1N1 shots, it’s all common sense.

What about a visit to the doctor?

the more you read/use the computer, the more your eyes will become adjusted to it.

Your eyes may get adjusted, but long term can also cause damage as well.

Nowadays, we are suffering from many eye problems. Some of them have bothered us for many years. However, if we can nurture good habits, these problems can be eliminated. Our visions are influenced by many factors. Generally, if we are always under great pressure, our eyes will be greatly damaged.

It is always good to have an eye check up on regular basis.

Thanks for sharing…

I have a few friends who swear by doing different eye exercises. I was skeptical at first but 2 out of 3 of my friends actually got their prescriptions lower by .25 and .5 the following year. I know they did the focusing on far and close objects technique and trying to view things a bit out of the corner of the eye. So I am less skeptical now. I did a simple google search for eye exercises to improve eyesight.


Try a whole bunch of techniques with a bit more research if you like, and see if it makes any difference in a few months. I hear simple regular exercise can help a bit too.

Interesting, exercises I will try them out.