Eyes tire quickly

Whenever I use the computer or read a book my eyes seem to tire quickly. Especially when reading books, I can’t seem to read 30 pages without my eyes becoming really tired.

Any ideas on what could be wrong with me? Does anyone else experience this?

Could be the screen glare, I would advise getting your eyes checked out to check there’s nothing underlying the issue :slight_smile:

Aren’t eyes supposed to get tired after reading so much?

However 30 pages isn’t really so much for me. I used to be able to read a whole book in one sitting without my eyes getting tired. I think I will go with Alex advice and get my eyes checked out.

Another reason can be boredom… tried reading some books you are much more passionate about?

I am interested in these books. It’s gotten so bad I can’t even read the newspaper now I just seem to be mixing up words :frowning:

Yeah, you should definitely get them checked.

Yes, get them checked right now!!!

And, if you are make a living from online then get yourself a eye care lcd monitor… would be a little more expensive but your eyes are much more valuable than the money! Also relax your eyes using various exercises http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/illnesswellness/a/EyeExercise1.htm

Im going to book an appointment tomorrow. I do have glasses however I don’t think they are the correct type for me, I think my eyes have gotten worse and I need stronger ones.

You should have your eyes checked, of course. One reason could be that you need new glasses, another reason may be that your eye don’t produce enough lubricant (tears) and therefore they get dry and tired very easily.

And I am sure that there are a thousand reasons more :smiley:

You could be surprised. I went in and had my eyes checked after getting blurry vision and headaches from reading and working on the computer. Turned out my vision had improved :eek:. The glasses I was using were too strong. Boy did it make a difference when I got the new ones.:eye:

Hmm, that actually might be the reason. I haven’t worn my glasses in ages because they feel to strong. So, yeah I will deffo ring later :slight_smile:

a few years ago i used to wear glasses because of that problem but i dont need them anymore my vision is perfect now - its not good to put that amount of strain on ur eyes so that they become tired because of it - you’ll end up getting headaches and nausea which happened to me but the glasses sorted that and over time my vision became better and better and now theres no need to wear them even when driving i went for my eye exam and i read everything on the lil chart perfectly!

from my own experience - sitting infront of a computer is not a bad thing as long as you take breaks and even then as long as u keep a good distance between urself and the monitor ur fine…another issue is lighting which can also be blamed for strain on ur eyes too - just little things to be aware of - but as you said if u would usually read a book in one sitting then my guess would be to have an eye test carried out even if its just to rule that factor out…goodluck with it

Definately ask about getting a glare reducing lens/coating being put on. I know what you mean about tired eyes, I almost can see better without my glasses. I am getting a coating on mine soon, people say I will be 10x happier. Eh it is only $60 what can I loose…

Wear your glasses and take vitamin A .

Booked an eye test, was hoping to get one tomorrow but have to wait until next Tuesday as the optician isn’t in tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Wear eyeglasses to protect your eyes from computer’s radiation.

even powerglasses can be used to protect eyes from radiations but not all. I use those.

jamiellee, are you trying to imply that monitors give off enough radiation to give you optical disabilities, if so your putting yourself in a dangerous position (in terms of liability) because your claim has no grounds for truth and if it was a case of radiation causing eye disabilities, eyeglasses would make absolutely no difference… glass does not protect you from radiation, you would need lead lined glasses probably several inches thick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, guys I went today and my vision has got worse so yeah I need new lenses and damn they are expensive.