Extreme Tracking - What's your take?


Has anybody used Extreme Tracking before? I am looking at using them along side of my Google Analytics…

What’s your take?

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[FONT=“Georgia”]Looks a little seedy to me.


I have never used anything other than analytics. I would be curious if other 3rd party apps are reporting the same info as analytics.

eXTReMe Tracking was really popular years ago, back in the days of Geocities. However, nowadays we have Google Analytics and to be honest I doubt it’d even come close to matching Google’s tool.

Never heard about this t,ool. So I’ve just done some research on this tool and got this review from a website:

The Good: eXTReMe Tracking offers a great service for free. Extremely detailed tracking of visitors, where they came from, how long they stayed and so forth. Even gives you their IP address which is great for tracing individual visitors (last 20 visitors only). All of the reports are simple and easy to read.

The Bad: Unless you pay you’ve got to have an eXTReMe Tracking button on your website which also links to your reports. Which means your competition has direct access to how popular your site is. Also won’t email you reports per week or month. If you run multiple websites you can’t compare them within eXTReMe Tracking you would have to do this manually.

Everyone can view your reports is really extreme!

Yes agree with the previous post of mitashseo. I too know about this tool but, not used yet. Now a days everyone wish to use Google Analytics. That is Google Analytics over comes all those sites like Extreme Tracking.