Extracting audio from a video file


I have a video file here (in .mpeg) and I would like to extract the sound from it and possibly save it as a MP3 file. This video file has two layers of sound (i.e. background and foreground, voice and music) and I would like to have the ability to choose which one to extract. Also does it matter how the video file was encoded or can I do this to any video file? I don’t have any clue to what type of software does this, so any you have in mind would be great. Thanks.


Take it into Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Click on the eye to show it then extract it and then it should do it. Also there are programs out there that will just rip audio from video seperatly but the main program that does that is AVID and I don’t think you want to spend a bunch of cash just for AVID and its workstation. Also AVID is what the film industries use for video editing. Trust me when I say it costs a lot of money

Thanks alot, but do those programs give me the option to choose what sound layer to extract?