Extracting an Area on a page for reuse on another

I’m investigating the possible methods for extracting parts of a page for reuse on another and wonder if anyone knows the best way to go about it.

For example we have a SharePoint system in house and we want to republish content from our parents company intranet, but we don’t want the whole page in an iframe, just some of the content on one of the pages.

We have looked at using regex and PHP to load the page, search for specific “markers” that surround the area we want and then output the extracted code as another file.

Are there any commercial tools or opensource tools that allow you to graphically define the area(s) on a page and reuse them.
Ideally this should be done dynamically every time the user request the page, or as a regular batch export.

If anyone can give me some advice in this area I would be very grateful.

Regards David

SSI (server side includes) could be an easy way for this.

Sorry I didn’t make my self clear, I can use the output to generate new content, what I’ve been struggling with is the method of defining what to extract and the tools I can use to extract the information.

Ideally I’d like to use something like the “View Style Information” tool in the firefox web developer plugin, to define where on the screen I want to capture the information.

I’ve been experimenting with loading the source into a page, looking for a string before and after the information I want to extract and presenting this in another window interactively.