Extract information from website

i want to extract some flight departure details from 2-4 websites.
how can i do that???
its really urgent…

You use the API provided by the website. if there is no API, scraping the website would be forbidden by the website’s ToS.

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can u please provide me the code…
im a fresher …
thank you

What @dormilich is saying is that you need to contact the 2-4 websites and ask them how to get the information from their sites. The precise method may vary depending on the layout and style of each site, and many sites protect their information under copyright.

i have this question as a project for me in college…
Source Real time flight departure Data(Scheduled and actual) from the following Airport websites:
1.Mumbai airport
2.Delhi airport

can anyone tell me how to to this…would be very helpful…
thank you

They have - several times. You’ll need to go to the appropriate websites and find their api information to know how to pull the data in. We’re not going to do your homework for you - you’ll never learn that way :wink:

Now, if you try (honestly try) and it doesn’t work, then people will be willing to help. But you’ll need to show your work and show you’ve made an effort (like posting code and links to the website apis)


well…im not telling you to have my homework done…or join me in the college,
im just asking a clue how to do that…n there are some people who dont know the answer but still pretend they know everything…
thank you

As has already been suggested, you need to use the appropriate API to obtain the information you need. I had a look at my nearest large airport’s site, and couldn’t find anything of this nature. Then it occurred to me that flight information would be coming from the airlines, not the airport, so I looked up one of the airlines and found a link to an API. That’s your starting point.


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