Extra width using CSS style panel using a Mac OS

HI there

Does anyone know how I can fix the bottom panel box on this home page? It extends out to the right about 5mm apparently.

It looks fine in IE7 and FF 3.5.11 but not in Safari version 5 with Mac OS 10.6.4.

I haven’t tried placing an overflow:hidden yet, but have tried a % in width and fixed width, but it still tends to overflow to the right past the two panels above it.

Any ideas / suggestions would greatly be appreciated. It’s probably something really simple I bet!

Thanks so much

Hmmm interesting. OK, well I have no idea what it could be.
Thanks very much for your confirmation.

It looks absolutely fine to me in the latest FF and Safari for Mac.

Feliciaf, i can confirm what ralph.m said. It’s working good.