Extra key shown in response


Im working on API using SOAP
I had some problem with request and response parameters. I used to pass parameter as array but
an extra key (“items”) is found at API param, i have solved by giving String[] datatype for params in API function.

However the response still have extra “items” key,
how could i solve this?


I’m currently bit busy,i will get you the code soon,

Thanks for your reply

Is this someone else’s service or your own? It would help to see the API and some code.

I took a quick look through the files, but didn’t see anything obvious.

If it works it will be a great tool, writing WSDL files is my definate weak point.

I guess the next step is to test it.

Can you post (if not, PM?) the code for your Class and server files?

I’m using wsdl writer


here you can find the files

OK thanks. I downloaded it but it’s getting late so I’ll take a look and post back tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll spot something.