Extra DIV Space

Hey guys, first time posting here, also my first go at building a website from nothing.

Having a weird issue where i have a 3 column section (actual content) encased in a “.columns” container. The three columns are set to 100% height, the “.columns” doesn’t have a height, but i’m still getting extra space between the end of the “.columns” and the actual length of the 3 columns.

My testing site is


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i dont see any three column on that page.
looks like a product page to sell something.

Were a Point of Sale Company, so yes we do sell stuff, there is a 3 column layout located under nav bar, separated by vertical dividers.

Each of the three columns are headed by:

Upcoming Tradeshows, We know you have a choice, Recent Press Releases.

** only rendered correctly in Chrome and Safari as of yet**

It’s completely broken in FF.