Extra display results in google

wondering how you can display extra links, etc. under your search result in google? for example, if you type in goldman sachs, it brings up goldman sachs with a map, links to ‘careers’ ‘search jobs and apply’, etc. would this be in the metatags somehow? all i can figure out is the base metatag that gives a brief description…

The first step is signing up for Google Webmaster tools. You don’t necessarily have the ability to make google do this, but they usually do over time. It is in Site Configuration > Site Links in Google Webmaster Tools.

cheers, mate.

There’s nothing you can do to influence it. Google decides whether to include ‘site links’, and which ones to include, by looking at your site, how popular it is overall and how popular each of the pages within it is.

A site that my employer recently purchased managed this within a few weeks after we had introduced a complete redesign with several hundred new content pages.

I don’t know exactly why Google decided to do it, but we don’t get THAT many visitors, so it’s probably down to how accessible the content is to Google, its structure and how Google determines its worth.

Did you mean extra links means More results from/Show more results in the Google search results?

Then those links can appear on several standards like Search Volume, Personalized and Brand Value.

However, please clarify me if you were asking about the More Results Link when we search for a search term in Google.

if its site links you’re talking about, there is no way to get this by yourself… like Stevie D said its google who decide.

But, i did read somewhere, it helps if you have HUGE amounts of content, and if generally your pages are named the same as the link / anchor text…

oh yeah, obviously you need to rank #1 for more than a few search terms