External links in youtube videos

Hey guys, l was wondering how this was done:

If you click on the little toyota logo in the bottom left it links to a toyota page… how is that done? I know with a regular account l cant link to external pages with annotations, but obviously it can be done for certian people somehow.
PS> we’re not afraid of paying if we have to, just wanted to know how it was done.


@Coastal Web

See the following YouTube video for instructions on using annotations


@ServerStorm, thanks but l didn’t see the video you mention.
Did you forget to post the link?

@Coastal Web

Sorry I thought I did but here goes again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y_pbbRyneo

In your profile. Not sure if is do-follow.

Why even worry about it? The best thing a link can do is get seen by a qualified audience.

Thanks but l was looking for a way to make an external link, not just to another youtube video (see my original post and the title of my original post).
Somehow toyota pulled it off in the sample l provided but it doesn’t appear to be possible for regular joes.

Hi, thanks but l’m looking to add an external link to an annotation for a specific reason. I know how to add a link to my website in my profile; but that’s not what l’m looking to accomplish here.

It’s very likely that YouTube does that only as a special service for “VIPs” and isn’t something they offer to the general (even if paying) public. I know of several other free services which have similar operating procedures.

I agree, as mentioned in my initial post:
PS> we’re not afraid of paying if we have to, just wanted to know how it was done.

I’m just not sure where we get started and wondered if any of you guru’s had experience.

YouTube has some seriously cool campaigns out there but a proposal for 250k-500k [and up,] would not be out of line for much of what you see done [homepage takeovers, dedicated channels, siterolls, etc].

There’s lots you can do with good optimization and many media campaigns for far less, but if you want development resources to unlock or build things for you, it gets pricey.

I’d suggest reaching out to their ad team to discuss what’s right for you. Depending on your budget they may come back and just tell you about a few media buy options or far more.

Ted has some pretty good advice for going about it. It could very well be possible that they reach out to VIPs.

A case with a different group I know of in particular doesn’t provide any way for you to ask to become a VIP… they reach out to companies and offer it to them.