External link warning message on all 'href' links EXCEPT one?

I have this script and it’s working pretty well. Except now I need it to not give the message on one single external link.

$(document).ready(function() {

  // Creating custom :external selector
  $.expr[':'].external = function(obj){
      return !obj.href.match(/^mailto\\:/)
              && (obj.hostname != location.hostname);

  // Add 'external' CSS class to all external links

  $('.external').click(function() {
    var link = $(this).attr('href');

    $('<div>By clicking \\'Okay\\' you will be transferred to a web site not controlled by xxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxx is not responsible for any of the info or services provided by this web site. The web site you are about to access is not covered by xxxxxxxxxxxxx privacy policy or security statement. <br /> <strong>Are you sure you want to proceed?</strong></div>').dialog({
      title: "External Link",
      modal : true,
      overlay: {
        backgroundColor: '#000',
        opacity: 0.5
      buttons: {
        'Okay': function() {
        'Cancel': function() {
          return false;

    return false;

This works on any “href” external link or link with class of “external”. I have one link that needs to be added that is external but needs to appear to not be and not give the warning message.

Can you help me with an exception to this script? Thanks!

Ok, I figured this out by adding “$(‘a.password’).removeClass(‘external’);” right after the addClass. It works, moving on… :slight_smile:

That was clever. I didn’t offer a suggestion, as I’m not good enough a jQuery, but subscribed to see where this went.) Was wondering about the first bit of the code, though. I’m assuming it’s a regular expresssion to prevent the behavior on mailto links, so was wondering if there’s a way to extend it for the password url.