External images that could not load should alter div


I have a few <div> with <img> and the img source is external images.
Sometimes the source does not exist and in that case i would like to alter the <div> or maybe hide it.

the different ways to do this that i can think of is either check if file exits via php/curl but this would be quite heavy loading, so maybe i could do it via javascript.

But it would also not be nice to the client with a lot of extra lookups, is there any way to only check if image was sucessfully loaded at the client or not or could this be done in another way?

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You can use the error event:

var im = document.getElementById('imageID'); // or select based on classes
im.onerror = function(){
  // image not found or change src like this as default image:

   im.src = 'new path'; // perhaps a path to a 2px blank png

Inline Version:

<img src="whatever" onError="this.src = 'new default path'" />


<img src="whatever" onError="doSomething();" />

tag supports these events:

    abort (onAbort)
    error (onError)
    load (onLoad)

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