Ext JS and jQuery

First, I love jQuery but I must use Ext JS to give RIA look and feel. I’m sure, jQuery can give RIA too but it’s been decided to use Ext JS. Anyways, I’ve looked at the features of Ext JS and seems like jQuery may not be needed. I know that I can use jQuery and Ext JS but not sure if there’s any advantage of doing that. Any thoughts?

Even for non-profit project, we had to pay for the license. I’m not intentionally trying to avoid jQuery. As I posted, Ext JS does allow jQuery to be integrated but what advantages would I get from it? Just seems there’s an overlap functionality between Ext JS and jQuery. At the end, I come to a conclusion that for a new project you don’t need jQuery when using Ext JS.

Ext JS has unusual license. In the end, for a commercial project - you’ll have to pay for the use.
I don’t know why you’d have to avoid using jQuery in conjunction with Ext JS since Ext JS’s site says that you can use both together without any problems.

Ok~~ so w/o any response I continue on to find the answer. It turns out that the case of integrating Ext JS and jQuery is when your application already uses jQuery. So, in my case avoiding jQuery is the way to go since it’s a new project. Still… I like jQuery better though…but Ext JS does the job as well.