Exporting Data to Excel

I am a new web developer and using HTML5 for the language. I am creating a website for statistical purposes. I am trying to get all the questions answered and sent back to a excel sheet. I can set up excel to do the statistics for me, but it’s just getting it over into excel and the right field. Any suggestions?? Also, I am needing a way to automatically count user accounts for each survey page, so at the top of the page it should read “001”, and once the “001” account is complete, The next assessment should read “002”. If that makes any sense?

Remember, I am new so any suggestions will help.

Thank you

First, HTML5 isn’t a language, it is a collection of technologies and standards no one completely agrees upon.

You could probably have your app spit out a tab-separated bunch of columns you could copy/paste into excel if you are truly only doing a client-only HTML5 app. If you have a back end server involved it is a bit easier but exactly how depends on what you are using.