Export data to excel file with email address as a column

Hi All,

I want to export the mysql data to excel file. Export is working fine. The data contains a field ‘email address’ . The data for email address gets displayed but the problem is there is no hyperlink in email address. The email addresses are displayed as plain text.

Could you please help me how the hyperlink will gets displayed in excel file for email address column?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Hi barbara1712,

Did you verify before you pushed the email address to the export script that it was formatted properly? If so, did you go through the export script to see if it escapes or strips anything; this, particularly for your email data?

To create a html based email link you have to do something like

<a href="mailto:barbara@example.com?Subject=Hi%20this%20is%20Barbara,">


Thanks ServerStorm for reply.

I have used http://www.appservnetwork.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=8 for creating excel through php. If I used <a href=“”> then in the excel cell, is is not displayed as a link but the code itself.

Please help me out how can I display the hyperlink.

In excel sheet file, if we type an email address, then it gets hyperlinked automatically.