Export all files changed in SVN within certain version

Hi there,
I am searching for a solution in tortoise svn (Windows Version) to export all files changed (modified, added) between two revisions.
For linux, I found a script, but any solutions under Windows?

It is not about finding the list of files, but about copying those files from the repo to a given directory.


Perhaps my SVN-Diff-Export tool is what you’re looking for: http://blog.actra.de/2009/12/07/svn-diff-export-ein-simples-kleines-tool/
Simply drop it on your system and call it in the CMD (for help use “-h” flag), it’ll ask all details required to export.

Perhaps you’ll have to fix some lines if using self-signed SSL-certs

$fullCMD = $svnDiffCMD.' --xml --summarize --no-auth-cache --non-interactive --trust-server-cert --username "'.$username.'" --password "'.$password.'" --revision '.$revision['start'].':'.
           $revision['end'].' --no-diff-deleted "'.$url.'"';


$fullCMD = $svnCatCMD.' --no-auth-cache --non-interactive --trust-server-cert --username "'.$username.'" --password "'.$password.'" --revision '.
                                                           $revision['end'].' "'.$fetchEntry.'"';

If you’re on Win7 and get an error regarding ScriptPW.Password, change lines 118 - 134 to:

while(is_null($password)) {
      print (TRUE === $alreadyDisplayed ? "\
" : '').'Password: ';
      $password         = trim(fgets(STDIN));
      $alreadyDisplayed = TRUE;