Experts opinion on Best Framework for Back-end user

Laravel, Phalcon, Codeignitor and Cake. There’s also Zend and Symfony and Yii which is gaining popularity.

Of these which is the best to put on your for an area that will have users register so they can create a business listing which will be monitored by Admin.

This will be a back-end user dashboard with input fields that can be edited & saved (for admin approval)

I read a few threads on Sitepoint and see sitepoint favors Laravel and Phalcon the best but it is subjective depending on the project.

For my project I wanted to hear what people think as I may be having someone do this in Cake.

I want it to be less vulnerable to security hacks and relatively easy to update for a novice.

update: I found that I can use a Wordpress plugin as well if I install wp in another directory.

Thanks for your suggestions

Take it as you will but this project sounds like a perfect candidate Drupal. With Drupal you already have most the admin built out which you would have to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours building from the ground up. Even then you wouldn’t have nearly the same level flexibility and power Drupal and the contributed code ecosystem offers. Depending on when the deadline is you could even consider using Drupal 8 which is aeons more powerful and well built than everything I’ve seen in the generic CMS space. Huge learning curve but well worth the investment. Not to mention once the client becomes familiar with Drupal just about anything can be built with it but the workflow in the admin can be consistent. So if the client needs to build multiple sites for their business having the standard admin across all those sites will save time and money in the long haul.

I heard from other that Drupal is sometimes pretty slow and bloated.

From Sitepoint’s article on best php frameworks, Phalcon is the fastest, coders love Laravel the most and then Symfony.

None of these may be best for this project but it appears Cake is not the best candidate?