Expert ES6 - a fun quiz to brush up on your JavaScript skills

Hi everyone,

I recently saw this quiz:

It’s comprised of 12 questions centered around upcoming features in the next version of JavaScript.

Each question offers an explanation of the feature being tested, with an interactive code prompt to enter your answer.

Why not have a go and share how you got on?



One of the questions refused to accept my answer and when I finally gave up and asked for the answer it showed me the same answer it had previously refused to accept (at least I couldn’t see anything different).

I did stuff up on one of the class questions - still not used to that way of extending objects in JavaScript.

Yeah, I had that problem with the object destructuring.
I had:

var {a, b} = {"foo": a, "bar": b}

required was:

var {a, b} = {a: "foo", b: "bar"}

Took me ages to spot it.

Coming from Ruby, this actually makes sense to me. I know not everyone (including Mr Crockford) is a fan, though.

53% :frowning:

Woot Woot! :smile:


Why do they let you sign up in the middle then when you do jack up your entire progress?

I signed up after #4, then it reset me so now my scores will be skewed.

And then I signed up with github and it won’t even let me log in to save my progress? So I reset my scores for no reason at all… :disappointed:

92%, 77%, 85%, 92% on the first ones, now they are all >95% cause I already know how to answer them… Ended up with 85% overall and had to skip the #11. I’m not sure what I did wrong, because I tried the solution as my second attempt except I used double quotes instead of single.

I mean this is a really cool quiz thingy, but that’s sorta infuriating.

For that matter, why require people to sign up at all? They didn’t need my email to show my score. Now they have one more fake email in their database, and I walked away annoyed. Success?

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Yeah, right. That is annoying.
I just clicked all of the sign up options away, as I don’t really need a tagtree report card.

Obviously I got 100% on the quiz …

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It wouldn’t let me login with Github. So basically it just wanted my Github account info.

That said, this probably did save me a couple hours researching this stuff for myself. I just decided to take the dive into ES6 this week. :slight_smile:

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