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Not sure if I should be posting this here or in jquery what I’m trying to do so far it works great to View More content then View Les content.

But was wondering is there a way I can make it animate so it doesnt just show up, so it actually pushes everything down like animates it and pushes the div below down, etc.




Hi :).

Depends on what support you want. There are transitions in CSS3 which can do what you want, although the support is minimal.

Javascript would allow more browsers to get it, except those with JS turned off.

I’d probably want to use Javascript as already am in this example, just want to add the animation to it so its fluid.

Any way I can achieve this that you know of Ryan.

Thanks your the best,


I’d go to [url=http://jquery.com and use that. Is the example on the homepage something that you are trying to achieve?

I dont think so, dont really see an example on the home page.

If you check out the link…


You’ll see how it expands when you click on “View More”

So that part all works would just like it to do something like…


Tried doing it the way on that site above but couldnt get it to have the View More move down with the text and turn to View Less. So basically what I’m trying to do is keep what I currently have I like the way it works but just have the expanding navigation effect like the link above, if that makes sense lol.

This has what you need it seems. Even tutorial based.

Ignore the aesthetics. The base code is there :).

Do you mean the link I provided above? Or did you have another link that I just don’t see the URL for lol


My bad, I’m a little tired today :p.