Exit rate and bounce rate

I am confused with exit rate and bounce rate. Are they both same or different?
If different then how do they effect website ranking?

This article may help explain the difference:-

Here is a recent topic that discussed whether bounce (or any Analytics metrics) rate affects ranking:-

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Bounce Rate :- Visitor Enter your website β†’ home page β†’ Visitor leaves from the same page, Without going anywhere else on site. This is called a bounce and will increase overall bounce rate.
Exit Rate :- Enter website β†’ homepage->Service->about-> Then leaves. Last page is considered exit page and this visit will be used to determine Exit Percentage.


That’s true, except that it does not only apply to the home page. It refers to any visitor who arrives on one page of your site and leaves again from the same page without visiting any others.


Okay, I agree that I say just for example.


Really nice explanation, I totally agree with you except what @TechnoBear did say.

Clear explanation . Thank you sharing information.

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