Exit irb shell

Hello all,

I am new to ruby…and to programming in general, so sorry for the stupid questions in advance :-).

I am following along in the the Simply Rails 2 book and I am entering classes etc. into the irb shell in the ruby console window. The problem I am having is that sometimes I enter the wrong command and I can’t figure out how to exit the irb shell. I have tried typing “exit” and that works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn’t. The issue arose once after I hit the Tab key and the other time i don’t think i pressed anything out of the ordinary.

Please see screenshot for clarification.

Can someone please help?


You were missing a few ends. How many? You can see it by the last number in the prompt.

Anyway, Ctrl-D will always work.

Thanks! I feel like an official idiot for not figuring that one out :-). Thanks so much for the help!