Executable file from flash video

Hi! I hope that somebody will help me.
What is a way to make an executable file from flash video?

Your question is puzzling. Generally you just download a flash video and you should be able to play it from your desktop if you have some kind of video player software installed.

If you have embedded the video within the timeline (rather than as an external file) you can publish the flash file as a projector from the flash application (which is a standalone executable in either pc/mac format) or from the desktop flash player you can ‘create projector’. As the executable file contains the flash player, there is an overhead of a few megabytes.

Oh, thank you. I knew it was possible. Just did not know how to realize!

I had the same question. I solved the problem using the online converter.
If you do not know how to use it - look for information on YouTube

You might try flajector. Good solution for your question.

OK. Thanks for the tip.

Not at all! This forum was created in order to help each other

As I know, there is a software which allows you to play flash videos without installing flash player.

With pertinent examples mentioned after my post and those specific examples are important here, not generalizations.

Thanks to all! The problem is solved

Thanks for letting us know that.

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