Exec() returning 9 when I am running java command for generate stamppdf

Below command I am running through php and getting 9 .

exec("usr/bin/java" -jar F:\php7xampp\htdocs\pdfstamp-master\pdfstamp.jar -i "F:\php7xampp\htdocs\pdfstamp-master\signature.png" -p -1 -l 347.5,433.7 "F:\php7xampp\htdocs\pdfstamp-master\SampleFillable.pdf", $output, $return_var)

Can you please help me?

Do I need to uninstall java and then install again?

If I am running same command from linux terminal then it is executing successfully.

Try this

exec(‘usr\\bin\\java -jar F:\\php7xampp\\htdocs\\pdfstamp-master\\pdfstamp.jar -i F:\\php7xampp\\htdocs\\pdfstamp-master\\signature.png -p -1 -l 347.5,433.7 F:\\php7xampp\\htdocs\\pdfstamp-master\\SampleFillable.pdf’, $output, $return_var);

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